From I ♡ NY to LondonBaby

Inspired by the classic I ♡... branding created in New York in the late 70s, LondonBaby launched at the London Alternative Fashion Week 2012 with a Pop Art approach to branded London apparel and stationery. And with a desire to create a logo specifically for London that was cool, alternative and a million miles away from the typical souvenir variety.

Founded by London-born brand and digital Art Director Gary Alake Riley, NEW LDN ART IN A BAG followed in 2018, with a limited edition run of commissioned artworks packaged in specially designed denim and canvas tote bags, featuring works from London artists from a variety of backgrounds and creative disciplines. 
Today, our Spring/Summer 22 range of five bag designs retains the power of Pop Art and culture in a cool bag as both a fashion and a literal statement about London going forward. 

This year, after endless headlines, tweets and countless memes about tragedy, lockdowns, protest, war, injustice and global disaster, the words  PEACE LOVE CELEBRATION UNITY FUN PLAY are printed on the reverse of each bag - summing up the best that London, and furthermore our times have to offer.

Vibrant, bold, dynamic and pop. Just like the I ♡... branding LondonBaby celebrates the city in a cool, accessible way, open to all.
And is ultimately a declaration, and great excuse for us to strut our stuff and celebrate days out in the city in true and proper London style, wherever you're from. 

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