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Celebrating the everyday

Whether it’s a moody Monday in Mile End. Or fun loving Friday in Fulham. It could be a sober Sunday on the Southbank, after a night out on the tiles in Tooting.

Maybe it's simply a chilled time indoors. Tunes on the radio, takeout on the way. Whatever, wherever the time or place. Sometimes it's nice to stop, look around and give a nod to good old London town.

With a range of original artworks, each inspired by the city, this is 'Totelly' what LondonBaby is about. 

New art and apparel that gives a cool nod to a buzzing global city that wears it well.

Classic, contemporary, urban and street. Totelly LondonBaby plays with our relationship with the city's many sides. It's London on an 'about town', everyday level. Delivered to you with a look that's smart, artful. And full of enough wit to charm the birds out of the city's trees, from Bakers Arms to Battersea, Belgravia to Brixton and beyond...

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner
Born in the East End, with a Jamaican and Anglo-Italian upbringing. Working Class, working in the media and design industry as a Graphic Designer since the mid 1980s - in creating Totelly LondonBaby I'm reflecting a hybrid culture, class and life lived that's distinctly London in its character, range, tensions and fluidity. 

Something that can't be pigeon-holed. But something definitely worth putting on a T-shirt being my ultimate aim.

Creative collabs
Besides art and apparel LondonBaby also acts as a platform for creative collaboration, working with artists and creatives from across the city. In 2018, this included NEW LDN ART IN BAG. A week long gallery showcase of work from new and emerging artists, filmmakers and musicians. Alongside a limited edition run of tote bags packaged with 12" album cover sized contemporary art prints on London.

Back to today, and LondonBaby looks forward to bringing you news on future creative partnerships and great design projects as they happen.

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Gary Alake Riley
Art Director/Designer
Totelly LondonBaby Founder

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