About Totelly LondonBaby

About Totelly LondonBaby
Formed in 2012, as a artistic, independent alternative offering to the ‘Olympic-sized’ range of merchandise and souvenirs present for the London’s hosting of the Games that year.  Created by born East-Londoner, and graphic designer Gary Riley, Totelly LondonBaby has grown to be a small, yet highly ambitious platform for creatives and creations that celebrate the capital well beyond the overused, unimaginative images of the city we’re used to seeing.

Previous projects include commissioned London themed artworks from new and emerging artists, and screenings of London short films by independent film-makers. (Please see NEW LDN ART IN BAG for more details).

In 2023, with a relaunch and focus on 'artworks and apparel, remixed and inspired by London' Totelly LondonBaby’s core mission remains the same, but now with designs made to order and printed on demand, there's more choice without the overheads and impact of fast-fashion. Something that works well for Totelly LondonBaby as a small independent brand. And well for the environment in regards to sustainability*

'Made for a city that wears it well' is the tagline for our artworks, customers and London itself. It's a declaration of pride, style and creativity that endures.

Much like the I♥NY approach to saluting a city, Totelly LondonBaby is a visual hit of pop, love and celebration for the everyday buzz of city life. And our tagline says that amidst the daily hustle and bustle of London life we're here to express that hit in a cool, fun and lasting way.

That's London Baby!


Gary Alake Riley
Art Director/Designer
Totelly LondonBaby Founder



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